What to See and Do on Your Thailand Vacation

Tha Phae Sport (THA Sports) is a Thai boxing association founded in 2021. The association aims to promote and organize amateur and professional bouts all across the country. Muay Thai is an old martial art that evolved in Thailand from around 600 years ago. It combines striking, Grappling and wrestling to provide full-contact, entertaining sports entertainment. In Thailand it is one of the most popular sports; however, it is not widely popular in other countries.

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Muay Thai is the official sport of Thailand. However, there are other sports recognized by Thailand such as basketball, badminton, golf and baseball. A major league tournament in Bangkok is the Thailand Open Series. This attracts professional players from around the globe.

Another major Thai sports is weightlifting. The nation has produced some of the finest weightlifters in the world. Thailand is a leading manufacturer of bodybuilding supplements in the world. Bodybuilding enthusiasts can visit several health clubs in the country to find out how they can build muscles through proper training. thabet

Thai Boxing: this sport originated in the early twentieth century. Thais were famous for their powerful, swift and durable bodies. Muay Thai has evolved into a well-structured system. The fighters wear a uniform called Krung Suan, which consists of a jacket or shirt and shorts.

Thai Culture & tradition: Thai culture is one of the most colourful ancient traditions in the world. They value truth and honour, and take their traditions very seriously. There are many temples and shrines all over the country that pay tribute to the Buddha image. Most fighters take their weapon, or Muay Thai, seriously. They are not only considered fierce fighters, but also excellent singers, painters and dancers. Some even have a flying school, so they can learn how to use their wings to propel themselves.

Thais are passionate sports lovers. There are so many fascinating sports in Thailand such as downhill running, downhill bicycle racing, mountain biking, polo and wrestling. Even if you don’t like sports, you will not be bored in Thailand because there are so many interesting sports to choose from.

Food: Thai cuisine is unique. It uses an extensive variety of spices and noodles. Although the food is generally spicy, it has subtle sweet flavours. You will find your mouth watering and satisfied in no time.

Shopping: Bangkok is one of the biggest shopping cities in Asia. Many tourists love to shop till they drop. In fact, the demand for shopping never slows down. There are many markets around the city where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of locals selling whatever products they have.

Thailand offers an unforgettable experience to tourists looking to enjoy their stay in this wonderful country. If you want to have a taste of traditional Thai food, there is no shortage of restaurants in the country. However, if you prefer modern Thai cuisine, then you are in luck because there are many fast food chains that offer delicious food. For more information on where to eat, do a search online or ask your local travel agent.


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